Because Your Customers are the Core of Your Business




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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It's obvious that your customers are the source of your income.

CRM is a critical component to nurturing and continuing a close relationship with
your customers, which is beneficial to your company and theirs.

PULSE helps you stay in touch with your existing customers AND market to new ones!

Easily send out special offers, coupons, announcements and more. Out-market the competition and increase customer loyalty with our Email marketing tools. 

Remember, it costs more money to gain a new customer than to retain an existing one. 

What's in it for me you ask?   Saves Time, Makes Money. It's that simple!

- Simple, Productive, Intuitive
- Complete: Organize, Communicate, Report
- Access: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone
- Calendar with pop-up reminders
- Email Marketing

- Save Money: No software to install, 
   no IT technician - It's all in the Cloud!
- Import from Outlook™ or other sources
- Built-in template designer
- Customizable Dashboards
- NO contract required!

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